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Welcome to this website. The site should now all be in the new style I have adopted (26th March 2006)

This site is under construction.

Aladdin in the United Kingdom was founded in 1919 by my grandfather, Jack Imber. This site is intended to bring together material about

     o   the company he founded
     o   how it developed
     o   the people who worked there
     o   the buildings it occupied
     o   the products it made.

Most of the material that I have at the moment relates to the early period of the company's history, up to shortly after the opening of the Greenford Factory in 1931. If anyone has other material or information about the products, people and places that may be of interest to anyone who follows the history of the company, then please do get in touch, so that I can add the information to the site.

The main content uploaded at the moment is the 1929 Catalogue - see under 'Products'.

Mike Imber. (mike@